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Welcome to our Suminagashi and Ebru Fine Art Gallery
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Nagazi Collections Fine Art Gallery

American Artist M. Nagazi astonishingly combines traditional Japanese and Turkish-style marbling techniques with a modern and contemporary style.

 Painting on Water (like finger prints no two designs are alike).

This artwork is  the ORIGINAL WORK of the artist.

Enjoy your visit! 

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webassets/EbruPringPurple-Yellowjpg.jpg webassets/BoshporusBrid.jpg webassets/marblingpapers2jpgjpg.jpg webassets/marblingpapersjpg.jpg
webassets/Flowerebru.jpg webassets/EbruPrintj1pg.jpg.w560h470.jpg webassets/SuminagashiPrint.jpg.w560h564.jpg webassets/EbruPrint4.jpg.w560h482.jpg

MintandBluejpg.jpg Suminagashiprintbluecirclejpg.jpg BlueOceanWavepg.jpg Movingnightpinkflowersjpg.jpg
citibousaidjpg.jpg bluewavepg.jpg EbruPrint2.jpg.w560h391.jpg EbruPrint3jpg.jpg.w560h927.jpg


Artwork images are Copyright(C) 2012 Nagazi (TM) All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

This artwork (images) cannot be used without the wrritten consent of

Artist Nagazi (TM)

We have a variety of handmade Suminagashi and Ebru prints to choose from,we are sure you'll be happy working with us.

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